Service Photo – Canon Will Be at The Sale Event!

Our friends at Canon USA have found a tech rep, who will be at our sale event on both Friday & Saturday later this week!    We’ll have great deals on all Canon products – with over $200 OFF on the new 5D Mk IV – and a fantastic Canon printer & paper deal (up to $550 off of the PRO-10) that cannot be matched by anyone!

Nikon will be introducing their new Key Mission 360 cameras – and we’ll have huge Nikon savings & we’ll be paying the sales tax, too.  D500 cameras will be $200 OFF  + no sales tax, + great deals on other SLR’s &  Lenses.

We’ll be paying top $ for your used gear & giving a bonus if the proceeds are put toward new items on that same sale day – plus, we will have $35 sensor cleaning & $15 lens calibrations on a first come, first served basis.  We will probably have a same day cutoff at some point, due to expected volume.

Here is a link to ALL info, so far:

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