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Service Photo – Canon Will Be at The Sale Event!

Our friends at Canon USA have found a tech rep, who will be at our sale event on both Friday & Saturday later this week!    We’ll have great deals on all Canon products – with over $200 OFF on the new 5D Mk IV – and a fantastic Canon printer & paper deal (up to $550 off of the PRO-10) that cannot be matched by anyone!

Nikon will be introducing their new Key Mission 360 cameras – and we’ll have huge Nikon savings & we’ll be paying the sales tax, too.  D500 cameras will be $200 OFF  + no sales tax, + great deals on other SLR’s &  Lenses.

We’ll be paying top $ for your used gear & giving a bonus if the proceeds are put toward new items on that same sale day – plus, we will have $35 sensor cleaning & $15 lens calibrations on a first come, first served basis.  We will probably have a same day cutoff at some point, due to expected volume.

Here is a link to ALL info, so far:

Service Photo Sales Event

On Friday 10/28 & Saturday 10/28, Service Photo will be presenting our annual “Super Sale”, with reps in the store from Nikon, Fuji, Zeiss, Tamron, Think Tank Photo, Tiffen, Black Rapid, & MORE.  The reps will be demonstrating  products, and literally every single product in the store will have a special sale price!   Canon & Manfrotto will not have representation at our event – but it really doesn’t matter, because we will have special SALE prices on all Canon & Manfrotto items + trade-in deals!  All specials are in-store only.

And, for the first time, we will  be performing camera sensor cleaning for just $35, and lens calibrations for just $15 – on a first come, first served basis – for 2 days only.  This is new to our event, and it is expected to be a big draw.  We hope to return all cameras either same day, or next day – depending on the time that they are received.   And, we’re bringing in the best camera buyers in the USA to help us pay top dollar for all unwanted camera gear.  We’ll also add a 10% BONUS to all trade-ins that are applied to new gear purchases on the same da!.

We know how frustrating it can be for photographers in this region, who want to see, touch, & feel the items that they want to buy – before they make the purchase.  Our inventory will be HUGE during the event, and the manufacturer reps will have a lot to show our customers.  As the only full service Photo Specialty Dealer in the Baltimore Region, we want to do whatever we can to provide the photographers in this region with the best products, at the lowest prices!

Even though preparations for the sale have been underway for several weeks, we still do not have all of the final details on products, prices, promotions, etc…  We will be making details available, as various manufacturers make their special deals known to us.  The best way for your members to access information about the sale & demo events is to join the Service Photo Email List, follow us on Twitter, or “Like” us on Facebook or Instagram.  The links to those services are located at the top of our homepage at .  Please note:  We will not start advertising this event until this coming weekend, due to an already busy schedule with PhotoPlus Expo in NYC.  We should also have links to our Super Sale website banners by the weekend – but no real detail will be available for several days.

Of course, members should also feel free to email us directly with any specific questions about the sale or demos at  – but we will be updating lots & lots of information through a series of email blasts next week!  We will not have specifics on our sale prices until immediately prior to the event – but we will get the info out to photographers, as soon as we have details.


People’s Choice nominees at Nature Visions

Every year at Nature Visions several of the top scoring images in every category are put into the People’s Choice competition. During the Expo the attendees will vote on these images to choose the winners of the People’s Choice Awards in Nature and Photo Art. Five of our photographers have images that were chosen for the People’s Choice competition this year. Congratulations to all on their highly scored images!!!

People’s Choice nominees from NIHCC at NV 2016:

‘Sunset at Eastern State Penitentiary’ by Jim Turner

‘Cuban Dancer’ by Saul Pleeter

‘Blowing in the Wind’ by David Terao

‘Lu the Hippo’ by Diane Poole

‘Two Zebra Foals’ by Suzanne Dater