Nature Visions and NIHCC 2016

We have the results back from the Nature Visions competition. In all the club had 49 images accepted into the show at the Expo vs. 38 last year – almost a 30% increase!!! I don’t have the statistics back yet on how we did relative to other clubs – but last year we were a tiny bit above average so I’m assuming that this year we did significantly better. The photographers listed below had a least one image accepted:

  • Stan Collyer
  • Suzanne Dater
  • Gosia Klosek
  • George Lea
  • Nate Lee
  • Dale Lewis
  • Kay Norvell
  • Saul Pleeter
  • Diane Poole
  • Cathrine Sasek
  • Margaret Sprott
  • David Terao
  • Jim Turner
  • Kate Woodward
  • Thank you to everyone who participated.

Please think about attending the Expo if you haven’t already registered.

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