Wet Plate Photography: Live Demonstration

George Lea is the Club contact for this event.

John Milleker, a Baltimore based photographer practices, demonstrates and teaches nearly every photographic process from the early 1800’s to modern digital photography and post processing.

In the Art Studio at the 5 Star Residence (8100 Connecticut Avenue, Chevy Chase) on Saturday March 29th at 12:30  to 4 time, he will give a presentation on the history and a live demonstration of wet plate photography.

These are also known as ‘Tintypes’ and ‘Ambrotypes’, depending on what substrate was used to make the image. Wet plate collodion photography was invented in the late 1840’s and allowed photographers to extensively cover the battlefields of the Civil War  which gave citizens real images of the carnage at the front lines for the first time in history. The process is a little dirty and smelly, but you will be able to see the images appear before your eyes. We may be looking for some volunteer models.

If people catch the bug and want to learn and do the process themselves, John will be teaching a full two day workshop in Lower Town Harpers Ferry on October 11th & 12th 2014. (There will be a fee.) http://harpersferryhistory.pinnaclecart.com/living-history-workshops/