Education Night, March 22, 2016: “Street Photography” with Lew Lorton


Our speaker for Education Night on March 22 is our own NIHCC member Lew Lorton who will talk to us about “Street Photography”.

Here’s how Lew describes himself:

“Lewis Lorton is an amateur photographer of fairly long experience, starting in film with a Nikkormat, Nikon F, various twin lens reflexes, and Rolleiflex SL66. He took a seventeen year break from photography when the pressures of family, work and increasing sensitivity to darkroom fluids took their toll. He began shooting again in the early 2000’s and progressed from point-and-shoot film and digital through all levels of Nikon up to the D700, then reversed course to an Olympus Micro 4/3 and a Sony A7 II. Lew has been in one show, vows never to do another and doesn’t send photographs to exhibitions or contests, nor does he attempt to sell pictures. He loves to travel and been to Iceland, France, Italy, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and Laos (these last five multiple times in the last 15 years). Lew believes that art doesn’t stop when the shutter button is pressed, and technical issues are significant only when they don’t support the content. Technical perfection in the absence of impact is a waste of time. Lew considers himself a street photographer no matter what subject matter he is shooting, and he has long since stopped photographing ‘pretty’ subjects. His photos can be seen at LewLortonPhoto.comalong with a series of blog posts about photography and travel.”

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