Entries for Open Meeting

January’s competition topic is Open, meaning that any topic will be accepted.  This month’s meeting will be on Tuesday, Jan 13 at our regular meeting place — the Community Room of the Five Star Premier Residences, 8100 Connecticut Ave, Chevy Chase MD.  The meeting will start at 7 pm.

Please submit all digital images to:  nihcameraclub@gmail.com, and follow the following convention for images to be accepted:

Size:  Images should fit within the following dimensions – max 1280px wide by max 800px tall.  Please note that 800 wide x 1280 tall is not the same thing (and should not be used).

Color Space:  Please use sRGB colorspace, and .jpg file type with quality set to high or maximum.

File Name: — all images should have their filenames changed to meet the following format:

      Class~Name of Maker~Title, in that order, where Class is either Novice or Advanced.  Please note that Nov, Adv, NoviceDigital, AdvDigital or any other variants are not acceptable.  Please use the tilde sign (~) as the separator.  Dashes, underscores, or other punctuation for separators are not acceptable.

Send as Attachments:  Please send entries as attachments to NIHCameraClub@gmail.com.  Please note embedded/inserted or “drag and drop” images are not acceptable ways of submitting images.  Only attachments should be used.