Presenters for Nature Visions 2016


Below is a list of the presenters currently confirmed to participate in Nature Visions 2016.

Bob Krist will lead the Friday workshop. Title TBD.

Tom Till will be the Saturday Keynote speaker. “A Lifetime in Landscape Photography: The Southwest and Beyond”

Julieanne Kost will be presenting two free Lightroom lectures on Sunday and a paid Photoshop lecture on Saturday.

Charles Needle will be doing three presentations: Creative Macro, Impressionistic photography, and Creative iPhone.

Denise Ippolito will be lecturing on Creative Flower Photography as well as leading the 4 raptors hands on workshops.

Eileen Rafferty will be presenting two lectures: B&W Photography & Visual Design.

Mark Buckler will be doing three presentations: Photographing the Night Sky – How to Create “stellar” Images, Improving your Bird (Wildlife) Photography, and Creating Dynamic Images of the Coast.

Mike Moats will be leading 4 Macro Photography workshops

Lisa & Tom Curchara will be leading several Flower workshops as well as several Frog Photography workshops.

Tom Field will be speaking on Drone Photography

Jennifer King will be lecturing on: Photographing America’s National Parks in honor of their 100th anniversary and Graphic Design for photographers.

Marie Jobar will be presenting 4 beginner classes on: The 10 Best Reasons to Use Lightroom, Getting Off Auto – Taking Control!, Manual Exposure Made Easy, and How Do You Do That?

Ben Greenberg will be speaking on: Photographing Virginia and Panoramas for beginners.