October 2015: One Foot


Novice Class

October: One Foot

Judge: Richard Bender

The photo must include at least one foot, and the foot must be a major element in the image. The foot may be animal, human, artificial, or an abstract impression that appears to be a foot.

Given the plasticity of the English language, there might be other plays on the definition of “foot” that a judge might find to be acceptable and indeed creative.

Richard Bender is the former owner of the Omega Enlarger Company and RT Chemical Company. He founded the Washington School of Photography. During his career he has won an number of awards including: ‘Cine Golden Eagle’ (1976), ‘Ten Best Film Festival’ (1976), ‘Bronx Film Festival’ (1977). His many films have been aired on PBS, nationwide. He currently teaches Photoshop at various levels and photography courses at the Rockville Senior Center.