January 2016: Light Modification and Textures

Advanced: Light Modification

This involves using something to modify light sources that illuminates the subject or reaches the camera. These can include, but are not limited to, cucolorises, snoots, colored gels, and polarizing ilms or polarizing filters on the camera lens.

A cuculoris (cookie) might be something as simple as a partially open blind or a cut-out make from paper or aluminum foil.

Learn how to use bokeh modifiers that add pizzazz to an image.

Try optical filters for B&W.


1st       David Terao    Spirit
2nd      David Terao    Dandelion_Glow
3rd      John Norvell    Spring_Rain

Novice: Textures

The texture of your subject matter should be the dominant subject.

Textures can be bulbous, bumpy, crenellated, crinkled, rough, smocked, smooth.

Texture is NOT the same as pattern.


1st    Gloria Spellman    Scales_And_More_Scales
2nd    Linda Eisenstadt    Harbor_Cables
3rd    Lisa Kruppa    Fuzzy_Leaf
HM   Daniel Smith    Along_the_ Appalachian_Trail_in_Virginia’
HM   Daniel Smith    Tree_wrapped_around_a_rock_in_Utah’
HM   Cecelia Laurendeau    Peeling
HM   Gosia Klosek    Rain_Drops