December 2015: People not portraits


1st – David Terao –  ‘Jazzy Saxes’
2nd – Jim Turner – ‘Liams Backhand’
3rd – Dale Lewis – ‘Welder’
HM – Stan Collyer – ‘Street Musicians’
HM – John Norvell – ‘Tuscan Winery’


1st – Quentin Fisher – ‘The Fisherman’
2nd – Gloria Spellman – ‘Ballet In Purple’
3rd – Quentin Fisher – ‘Dancers At The Mall’
HM – Gloria Spellman – ‘Dancer Silhouette’
HM – Diane Poole – ‘Beer Man’
HM – Ruthan Lewis – ‘Rocker’

1st – Linda Eisenstadt – ‘Making the Cut’

December: People not portraits

This topic encourages the photographer to explore not only people’s faces but also the hands and other symbols of the subject’s essence (e.g., the hands and gloves of a construction worker, a violinist’s hand holding a bow or a baseball player holding a bat, the feet of a ballet dancer, etc.).

Images may portray one person or close group of people. The primary emphasis should be on the people (e.g., on the raised hands of several basketball players, but not on the basketball). Formal portraits, indoors or outdoors, are not permissible, but a “staged candid” is acceptable.