Article I – Name

The name of the Club shall be National Institutes of Health Recreation and Welfare Camera Club, hereinafter referred to as NIH R&W Camera Club.

Article II – Purpose

The NIH R&W Camera Club is a non-profit organization.  Its purpose is to encourage its members to increase their knowledge, skills and enjoyment of photography by holding meetings, classes, lectures and demonstrations of the various phases of photography, and conducting photographic competitions, workshops and other photography related activities.

Article III – Membership

Section 1.  Qualifications

Membership shall be open to all persons, and shall be unrestricted by consideration of nationality, race, creed, life style, color, sex, religion, age, or handicap.

All members must also belong to the NIH R&W.

Section 2.  Dues

Annual membership dues shall be due and payable by the first regular NIH R&W Camera Club meeting in September of each year.

A member is defined as a person who has paid and is current with their membership dues. People who have not paid their membership dues may be maintained on the mailing list through the third regular meeting since their join date, but are not eligible to vote on club business or compete in regular competitions.

Proposals for a change in dues must be published in the NIH R&W Camera
Club newsletter at least 1 month before a vote by the membership at a regular or special meeting.  A majority of paid members present and voting must approve any change in dues.

Any change in dues shall become effective at the beginning of the next fiscal year and after notification to the membership via the newsletter.

A separate fee for off-campus mailing of the newsletter will be established by the Board. Any change in this fee must be approved by two-thirds of the full Board and announced in the newsletter.

Section 3.  Rights and Responsibilities

All members will receive a newsletter, by mail or E-mail.

Only members are eligible to compete in the regular monthly competitions.

Members are expected to abide by the published rules of competition (see the attached NIH Recreation and Welfare Camera Club Intra-club Competition Rules, hereinafter called the Rules).

Article IV – Officers and Board

Section 1. Board and Officer Positions

There shall be four elected officers:  President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  As soon as possible after the June election these officers will appoint members to the following twelve board positions: a Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, Digital Czar, PSA Representative, Membership Coordinator, and Chairpersons for the following Committees: Publicity, Workshop and Education, Program, Field Trip, Hospitality, and Nominating.  All of these people plus the immediate past president will constitute the Board.  The officers will also appoint two other members of the Nominating Committee.

Section 2.  Terms of Office

The elected officers shall serve for a term of two years and shall not be eligible to serve more than two full consecutive terms in the same office.

The President and Vice-President shall be elected in odd years and the Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected in even years.

In the event of a vacancy occurring in the office of President, the Vice-President shall succeed to the vacant office. All other vacancies shall be filled by Board appointment.

Section 3.  Duties of Elected Officers


  1. Preside at all official NIH R&W Camera Club meetings.
  2. Direct the affairs of the club.
  3. Serve as the representative of the NIH R&W Camera Club to the Recreation and Welfare Association.


  1. Substitute in the absence of the President as required and carry out such responsibilities as the President directs.
  2. Reserve a meeting place for the monthly meetings.
  3. Organize and direct the annual NIH R&W Camera Club Open Photography Competition, held during the October monthly meeting.
  4. In conjunction with the Publicity Manager, publicize the competition in advance.
  5. Assure that the Program Chairperson is obtaining judges for the competition.
  6. Provide score cards for the judges.
  7. Assure that the checks for the winners will be available from the Treasurer.


  1. Record minutes of Board meetings.
  2. Oversee photo competitions:
  3. Register entries.
  4. Inform the judges about the topic and rules.
  5. Inform the judges of the number of awards for each competition category.
  6. Keep records of winners and points earned by members, past and present.
  7. Award ribbons and plaques.
  8. Whenever a novice earns 50 points, inform him/her that he/she must begin to compete in the advanced category by their next entry into a competition.
  9. Inform the newsletter editor about who is “moving up” to advanced, as well as notifying the person who has ‘moved up” to Advanced, and is announced at the monthly meeting.
  10. Assure an adequate supply of ribbons.
  11. Obtain plaques and keep them updated.
  12. Provide lists of winners of competitions to the newsletter editor.
  13. Assure compliance with the published rules of competition.
  14. Propose competition rule changes to the Board.


  1. Maintain the financial records and present reports at Board meetings.
  2. Collect and pay dues to the R&W and request approved funds from R&W.
  3. Pay all bills that have been approved by the Board.
  4. Submit the annual budget and supporting documentation to R&W by the due date (usually April or May) and after obtaining approval of the President.
  5. Promote membership by contacting members who have not paid their dues by October, thanking attendees of the NIH R&W Camera Club Open Photography Competition for participating and inviting them to become members, and greeting guests at regular meetings and giving them membership information.
  6. Shall make arrangements for securing meeting space for the December and June meetings. This includes but not necessarily limited to the paying of any rental fees and signing rental contracts with the facility.

Section 4.  Duties of Appointed Board Members

Newsletter Editor

  1. Prepare a newsletter before each monthly meeting.
  2. Distribute the newsletter to each member.


  1. Maintain the club’s website.
  2. Keep current all documents, calendars, and similar documents that are accessible through the website, including coordinating with other committees as appropriate.
  3. Alert the Board to any requirements, changes, and/or modifications that are deemed necessary.

Digital Czar

  1. Prepare each club meeting’s Digital competition, including collecting, sorting, and preparing images for the appropriate competition software.
  2. Responsible for keeping and maintaining the club laptop and digital projector and associated equipment.
  3. Responsible for the proper calibration of the digital projector prior to each competition meeting.

PSA Representative

  1. Maintain membership with the Photographers Society of America.
  2. Alert and promote PSA activities to club members, including meetings, competitions (for club, individual, etc), classes and workshops.
  3. Be responsible for submitting (or selection of someone to submit for the club) any entries for PSA organized inter-club competitions.

Membership Coordinator

  1. Maintain a current roster of all members, ensuring that the Board, and in particular the Newsletter Editor, Treasurer, Secretary, and the Chair of the Hospitality Committee all have current lists
  2. Assist the Secretary in determining eligibility to compete in regular monthly competitions and that only current members can compete

Chair of Publicity Committee

  1. Publicize the affairs of the club to the NIH community and the general public.
  2. Obtain information to be disseminated from the Newsletter Editor.
  3. Co-ordinate publicity for the NIH Wide Competition with the Vice-President.
  4. Arrange for and publicize 4 slide shows each year.

Chair of Workshop and Education Committee

  1. Form a committee in July.
  2. Arrange and setup workshops and educational opportunities of interest to club members.
  3. Submit budget requests and verify amount allocated for workshops and educational programs.
  4. Submit expense reports and receipts to Treasurer.

Chair of Program Committee

  1. Form a committee in July and convene meetings to select speakers.
  2. Arrange speakers who will judge the competition at each regular meeting.
  3. Send written information about the club, directions to the meeting location, and judging guidelines and topic definition for the competition to each speaker/judge.
  4. Obtain a short description of the planned talk and biographical information from each speaker/judge for the newsletter.
  5. Contact each speaker again just prior to the meeting to confirm the arrangements.
  6. Greet and introduce the speaker at meetings.
  7. Obtain 3 judges for the Annual NIH R&W Camera Club Open Photo Competition and confirm the arrangements just prior to the competition.

Chair of Field Trip Committee

  1. Form a committee in July.
  2. Solicit ideas for field trips from members
  3. Arrange for at least three field trips each year.
  4. Find, identify, and communicate photographic opportunities of possible interest to club members to the Newsletter Editor for publication to the membership.

Chair of Hospitality Committee

  1. Form a committee in July.
  2. Greet new members and visitors at the meetings and make them feel welcome.
  3. Provide name tags for all members.
  4. Make arrangements for the holiday and end-of-year parties, including making arrangements for any food, drinks, and required accessories (such as table covers, tableware, trash bags, etc).
  5. Make arrangements for other social activities, gatherings, and parties as necessary.

Chair of Nominating Committee

  1. Convene meetings of the committee as necessary to prepare the slate.
  2. The committee will prepare a slate for each elected position (President and
    Vice-President in odd years; Secretary and Treasurer in even years).
  3. Preferably there will be two candidates for each position.
  4. Present the slate to the Board by the April meeting.
  5. Publish the slate in the May and June newsletter.
  6. Conduct the election at the June meeting.

Section 5.  Board Functions

Regular meetings will be held as necessary but no fewer than three times a club year (September to August).

The President or three members of the Board may call additional meetings as necessary upon notice to all Board members at least one week in advance of the meeting.

Supervise the affairs of the NIH R&W Camera Club, coordinate the activities of the various committees, and approve the expenditure of funds.

Select competition topics and dates by July 1st.

Define all competition topics that are not defined in the Standard Definitions of NIHCC Competition Topics appended to the Rules.

Determine compensation for judges.

Determine prizes for the NIH R&W Camera Club Open Photo Competition.

All Board meetings shall be open to the general membership.  Members not on the Board may speak before the Board and are entitled to submit questions to the Board, but shall not have a vote in its business.

Minutes of Board meetings shall be recorded by the Secretary or a designee.

Highlights of the minutes shall be published in the next newsletter.

Any recommendations regarding the rules of competition (see attached Rules) will be discussed by the Board, published in a newsletter, and then taken to the general membership for a vote.  A majority of those present and voting is required to enact changes to the rules of competition.

Article V – Meetings

Section 1.

Regular meetings of the general membership shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month from September through June except for the month devoted to the NIH R&W Camera Club Open Photography Competition.  Business may be conducted at any regular meeting.  Conduct of business requiring a vote shall be in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order. To the extent feasible, the club will hold two monthly meetings beginning in the 2014-2015 program year.

Section 2.

Competitions will be held during the regular meetings.  They will be conducted following the Intra-club Competition Rules (see attached). Beginning in the 2014-2015 program year the club will hold monthly Novice and Advanced competitions in three categories: color prints, monochrome prints, and digital. Other categories (e.g. slides, smart phones, other types of cameras) may be held periodically at the discretion of the Program Committee.

Section 3.

Exceptions to the meeting schedule may be made as determined necessary by the Board.

Article VI – Quorum

Section 1.

A quorum for the transaction of business requiring a vote (excluding votes to amendments to the By-Laws; see Article X) at a regular meeting shall be one-third of the paid membership.

Section 2.

A quorum of the Board shall be seven Board members, three of whom must be elected officers.  In the event that one person holds more than one board position, that person will still only have one vote.

Article VII – Official Publication

Section 1.

The official publication of the NIH R&W Camera Club shall be a newsletter named CAMERADERIE. This newsletter shall contain all notifications of camera club business as required by these By-laws plus any other related items of interest to the members.

Section 2.

The newsletter shall be distributed before each regular meeting and once during the summer to all members in good standing.  Reasonable efforts shall be made to see that it reaches the members at least one week before each regular meeting.  Special issues may be published and distributed as deemed necessary by the Board.

Section 3.

The membership shall have the right to submit and have published in the newsletter photography related items, including qualified opinion, so long as the items are not derogatory, derisive or otherwise contrary to the well-being of the NIH R&W Camera Club.

Article VIII – Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the NIH R&W Camera Club shall begin July 1 of each year and extend through the following June 30.

Article IX – Elections

Section 1.

The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of candidates to the Board by the regular April membership meeting.  The positions for President and Vice-President will be filled in odd years and for Secretary and Treasurer in even years.  Preferably two candidates for each position will be submitted.

After presentation to the Board, the slate will be published in the May and June newsletters.

Section 2.

Elections will be conducted by the Nominating Committee at the regular June membership meeting.  After presentation of the slate, the committee shall solicit and accept nominations from the floor.  Neither the slate nor floor nominations need a second.  However, each candidate must state a willingness to serve.

Section 3.

Whenever there is more than one candidate for an office, election shall be by written ballot.  If a position is uncontested, a voice vote may be taken.

Section 4.

Winners of the election will be announced by the end of the June meeting and will assume their duties immediately.

Article X – Special Awards

A special award is created to honor Lorraine Lasko. The award will be called the NIH Camera Club Lorraine Lasko Service Award.

  1. The award may be given for long-term service to the club or for service during a shorter period of time that required exceptional time and effort.
  2. The award will be a perpetual award. It will be given once per year at the end-of-year meeting.
  3. The NIHCC Board will decide on the award winner, after soliciting nominations from the club membership through the newsletter, email and other ways. Any Board member who is nominated for the award must recuse himself or herself from voting for the winner. Voting may occur at a regular Board meeting or via email.
  4. The award will consist of a certificate and an appropriate gift not to exceed $50.00 in cost.
  5. An individual member can only win the award once.
  6. The person who receives and processes the nominations for the award is not eligible to receive the award.

Article XI – Amendments

These By-laws may be amended at any regular meeting of the NIH R&W Camera Club by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting, provided the proposed amendments and time of the vote have been published in at least the two previous newsletters.  Amendments may be proposed by the Board or any club member.  Unless specifically proposed otherwise and not related to changes in competition rules, approved amendments will become effective at the beginning of the next club regular meeting.

Article XII – Effective Date

These By-laws of the NIH R&W Camera Club, as set forth in the preceding Articles I through XI, supersede and entirely replace all prior versions and amendments.  The effective date of these By-laws shall be November 15, 2014 and the new bylaws should be posted and available to the club membership and general public, typically by posting on the club website.