Competition topics 2016-2017

September: Six Month Open – Images must be taken after March 1, 2016. Can be any subject. This topic encourages people to develop a new portfolio and participate in or lead upcoming club field trips. The images could feature Spring, summer travels or seasonal activities. It could also feature skills that you obtained or projects you worked on over the summer months.

October: Water – Images in which the principal subject is water (anything from droplets to oceans), either stationary or in motion.

November: Critique/Poster Session

December: Abstract Patterns/Textures – Images in which the object being photographed is not readily identifiable.

January: Macros – Close-up images of any object(s), created with or without a macro lens.

February: Open – Can be any subject

March: Urban Images – Images depicting scenes in an urban environment (e.g., buildings, roads, vehicles, etc.), either with or without people.

April: Night Scenes – Images of anything obviously taken after dark.

May: Critique/Poster Session

June: Photo of the Year Competition

  • co11noviceemma-beattyhowellsa_frog_on_the_hand32
  • pastedgraphic-10
  • co42novicehow_the_medicine_goes_down21
  • Liams Backhand
  • Spring Rain
  • Causeway
  • CO3~2~Novice~Fran~Raab~Pumpkins~59
  • co31novicedansmithsand_pattern_in_pink___big_sur69
  • Jazzy Saxes
  • CO5~1~Novice~Linda~Eisenstadt~Dublin_Bubbles~20
  • "Amelia" by Jim Turner
  • co32novicedianepoolejacks_or_not_62
  • co42noviceto_the_core40
  • Rocky Shore Acadia National Park' by Cathrine Sasek. 1st place Advanced Digital.
  • CO3~2~Novice~Lisa~Kruppa~Way_Too_Fresh~39
  • co42advancedba_ba_bloom53
  • "Wine by the Glass" by Jim Turner
  • Harbor Cables
  • co22novicego_with_the_flow43
  • co31novicedianepoolechurch62
  • Govett’s Leap Lookout, Megalong Valley, Blue Mountains
  • Dancing Feet
  • pastedgraphic-1
  • co41advancedwhat_are_you_thinking77
  • CO3~1~Advanced~Kay~Norvell~Dark_Tulip~51
  • 'White Water Rapids' by David Terao. HM Advanced Digital.
  • 'Ice Sculpture' by Kay Norvell. 2nd place. Advanced Digital.
  • Rose Window
  • Biospecimen Inventory
  • co31novicenathanaelleephiladelphia_magic_garden43
  • 'The Killiary' by Linda Eisenstadt. HM Digital Novice.
  • co32advancedstancollyerstained_glass_streaks14
  • co42advancedpink_rose80
  • co41novicemaking_the_world_go_around21
  • "Making the Cut"
  • 'Locomotive Colors' by John Norvell. Advanced Digital. 2nd place.
  • CO3~2~Advanced~Gary~McDavid~Lone_Aspen~48
  • 'Marbles' by Dale Lewis
  • CO5~2~Advanced~John~Telford~Truck_A_La~77
  • CO5~1~Novice~Melissa~Park~Here’s_Looking_At_You~59
  • Dandelion Glow
  • CO3~1~Novice~Gosia~Klosek~First_Hatched_And_Its_Sibs~38
  • 'Oops a Wave' by Linda Eisenstadt. 1st place. Novice Digital.
  • Cowboy’s Boots
  • co32advancedjimturnerskyline_trees79
  • Feet don’t fail me now
  • co11novicedianepoolelotus_in_focus62
  • 'Powell Reflection' by John Telford. 3rd place. Advanced Digital.
  • CO3~1~Advanced~John~Norvell~Lonesome_Penguin~50
  • Scales and More Scales
  • White Gardenia
  • Green Tomatoes
  • 'Charleston Pond' by Ira Wolpert. 3rd place. Novice Digital.
  • co31novicegosiaklosekstrokes39
  • 'Civi War Musician' by Stan Collyer. Advanced Digital. 3rd place.
  • 'Dolomite Church' by Quentin Fisher. Novice Digital. 2nd Place
  • CO5~2~Novice~Grace~Park~Pensive_Thoughts~58
  • Baltimore
  • co32advancedjohntelfordswirls77
  • Water Lily
  • Welder
  • co41advancedholiday_glow53
  • Blue Poppy
  • co21advancedwinter_at_great_falls68
  • Ballet In Purple
  • Water Lily
  • 'Blowing in the Wind' by David Terao. Advanced Digital. 1st place.
  • Itchy Claw
  • 'Natural Tap Water' by Nathanael Lee. HM Novice Digital.
  • Butterfly Eyes
  • 'Drops on leaves' by Emma Beatty Howells. Novice Digital. (HM)
  • 'Rainy Day through a Sunroof' by Emma Beatty Howells. 2nd place. Novice Digital.
  • CO5~1~Advanced~Dale~Lewis~Bird’s_Food_Insight~47
  • co31advancedkaynorvellfez_a_la_turner55
  • Angry Goose
  • co42advancedsawfly_larva78
  • CO5~2~Novice~Linda~Eisenstadt~The_Old_Reflected_In_The_New~20
  • Dancers At The Mall
  • 'Blue Bud; Green Leaves' by Emma Beatty Howells. Novice Digital. HM
  • Fuzzy Leaf
  • Spirit
  • 'Blue Green' by Lisa Kruppa Novice (1st).
  • The Fisherman
  • Action!
  • CO5~1~Advanced~John~Norvell~Cheetah_Up_Close~55
  • co42novicesee_through_butterfly63
  • Advanced~Jim Turner~Dogwood Blossoms
  • Peabody
  • pastedgraphic-6