Become a Member

Membership to the NIH Camera Club is open to anyone with an interest in photography

The NIH R&W Camera Club is sponsored by the NIH Recreation and Welfare (R&W) Association. The club’s membership historically consisted of current and former NIH employees and their families. The club is now open to anyone who has an interest in photography. However, all members must also belong to the NIH R&W, which is also open to anyone.

Camera club membership is due in September of each year; R&W membership is due each January. The Treasurer collects Camera Club dues in September and, as a convenience to members, also collects the next year’s R&W dues at the same time.

For more information, or to join please contact our Membership Coordinator.

Apply for Membership

Fill in the membership form, print it, sign it, and mail it to the Treasurer (address on the form). You can pay by including a check with your mailed application form or by bringing the form and a check to a club meeting and giving it to the Treasurer.

Fee structure:

Single membership: $40

Family membership: 2 family members $64; 3 family members $88