NIH Camera Club, Gaithersburg Camera Club and Montgomery Magazine, are sponsoring a Photography Contest!
This contest is open to Montgomery County Residents only.
There are 4 categories and you may enter up to 2 photos per category AS LONG AS THEY ARE TAKEN IN MONTGOMERY COUNTY and no older than 2 years old.
DEADLINE for entering is
Sunday, October 1, 2017
Go to this link to see the Contest Rules and Submission Form:
please copy and paste the link in your browser

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  • CO1~1~Advanced~Jim~Turner~Cyano_Tulip~60
  • White Gardenia
  • Jazzy Saxes
  • CO1~1~Novice~Nancy~Axelrod~Contemplative_Clown~4
  • Causeway
  • Dandelion Glow
  • Advanced~Jim Turner~Dogwood Blossoms
  • Cowboy’s Boots
  • 'Charleston Pond' by Ira Wolpert. 3rd place. Novice Digital.
  • Blue Poppy
  • 'Blue Green' by Lisa Kruppa Novice (1st).
  • co31advancedkaynorvellfez_a_la_turner55
  • CO1~2~Advanced~Bob~Greenburg~Her_First_Eclipse~19
  • Liams Backhand
  • co41novicemaking_the_world_go_around21
  • CO1~2~Novice~Nancy~Axelrod~With_The_Greatest_Of_Ease~4
  • "Amelia" by Jim Turner
  • co11noviceemma-beattyhowellsa_frog_on_the_hand32
  • CO3~1~Novice~Gosia~Klosek~First_Hatched_And_Its_Sibs~38
  • CO7~2~Novice~Fourth_Of_July~46
  • co31novicegosiaklosekstrokes39
  • CO7~1~Novice~Nature’s_Paintbrush~46
  • Green Tomatoes
  • CO3~2~Novice~Fran~Raab~Pumpkins~59
  • co22novicego_with_the_flow43
  • Ballet In Purple
  • Biospecimen Inventory
  • co42novicesee_through_butterfly63
  • co32novicedianepoolejacks_or_not_62
  • 'Drops on leaves' by Emma Beatty Howells. Novice Digital. (HM)
  • "Wine by the Glass" by Jim Turner
  • Scales and More Scales
  • Advanced~John Telford~Somesville Foot Bridge
  • 'Blue Bud; Green Leaves' by Emma Beatty Howells. Novice Digital. HM
  • CO3~2~Novice~Lisa~Kruppa~Way_Too_Fresh~39
  • CO7~2~Novice~Meeting~44
  • co31novicedansmithsand_pattern_in_pink___big_sur69
  • Advanced~Jim Turner~Arlington Window Washer
  • CO3~1~Advanced~Kay~Norvell~Dark_Tulip~51
  • co32advancedjimturnerskyline_trees79
  • Rocky Shore Acadia National Park' by Cathrine Sasek. 1st place Advanced Digital.
  • CO5~2~Novice~Linda~Eisenstadt~The_Old_Reflected_In_The_New~20
  • CO7~2~Novice~Shadows_Of_The_Night~64
  • Novice~Dan Smith~Pipe Sculpture New York City
  • Water Lily
  • Fuzzy Leaf
  • 'Civi War Musician' by Stan Collyer. Advanced Digital. 3rd place.
  • Harbor Cables
  • CO5~1~Novice~Melissa~Park~Here’s_Looking_At_You~59
  • CO5~1~Advanced~Dale~Lewis~Bird’s_Food_Insight~47
  • Novice~Diane Poole~Schools Out Forever
  • Butterfly Eyes
  • CO7~1~Advanced~Under_The_Stars~77
  • CO7~1~Advanced~Silk_Mill_At_Night~80
  • co32advancedjohntelfordswirls77
  • CO5~2~Novice~Grace~Park~Pensive_Thoughts~58
  • CO3~2~Advanced~Gary~McDavid~Lone_Aspen~48
  • pastedgraphic-10
  • CO1~2~Advanced~Diane~Poole~The_Last_Supper~46
  • CO7~2~Advanced~Coal_Plant~77
  • 'Marbles' by Dale Lewis
  • co31novicedianepoolechurch62
  • CO7~2~Advanced~Namibian_Night~56
  • CO1~2~Novice~Nathanael~Lee~Grand_Canyon_At_Night~31
  • CO5~1~Novice~Linda~Eisenstadt~Dublin_Bubbles~20
  • Water Lily
  • Spirit
  • Angry Goose
  • co11novicedianepoolelotus_in_focus62
  • CO3~1~Advanced~John~Norvell~Lonesome_Penguin~50
  • The Fisherman
  • Novice~Fran Raab~Delhi Church
  • 'The Killiary' by Linda Eisenstadt. HM Digital Novice.
  • CO1~1~Advanced~Jim~Turner~Girl_With_Tatoo~60
  • pastedgraphic-1
  • Govett’s Leap Lookout, Megalong Valley, Blue Mountains
  • 'Dolomite Church' by Quentin Fisher. Novice Digital. 2nd Place
  • 'Ice Sculpture' by Kay Norvell. 2nd place. Advanced Digital.
  • co42advancedba_ba_bloom53
  • Advanced~Jim Turner~Philly Reflection
  • Bejucal
  • CO5~2~Advanced~John~Telford~Truck_A_La~77
  • Advanced~John Norvell~Italian Shopper
  • Peabody
  • Dancers At The Mall
  • CO1~2~Advanced~Nicolas~Raymond~Flying_Axe_Falls~49
  • CO1~1~Advanced~Nicolas~Raymond~Iceland_Sunset_Fantasy~49
  • 'Oops a Wave' by Linda Eisenstadt. 1st place. Novice Digital.
  • 'Natural Tap Water' by Nathanael Lee. HM Novice Digital.
  • 'Powell Reflection' by John Telford. 3rd place. Advanced Digital.
  • Novice~Nathanael Lee~Biding Time
  • co31novicenathanaelleephiladelphia_magic_garden43
  • co41advancedwhat_are_you_thinking77
  • 'Rainy Day through a Sunroof' by Emma Beatty Howells. 2nd place. Novice Digital.
  • CO5~1~Advanced~John~Norvell~Cheetah_Up_Close~55
  • co42advancedsawfly_larva78
  • Spring Rain
  • co42advancedpink_rose80
  • CO1~1~Advanced~Kay~Norvell~Palouse_Clouds~39
  • 'White Water Rapids' by David Terao. HM Advanced Digital.
  • 'Blowing in the Wind' by David Terao. Advanced Digital. 1st place.
  • Feet don’t fail me now
  • "Making the Cut"
  • pastedgraphic-6
  • Dancing Feet
  • co42noviceto_the_core40
  • Welder
  • CO1~1~Advanced~Gosia~Klosek~Volcano_On_Lagoon~27
  • 'Locomotive Colors' by John Norvell. Advanced Digital. 2nd place.
  • Baltimore
  • Itchy Claw
  • co41advancedholiday_glow53
  • co21advancedwinter_at_great_falls68
  • Advanced~Gosia Klosek~Lonely Ride
  • co42novicehow_the_medicine_goes_down21
  • co32advancedstancollyerstained_glass_streaks14
  • Action!
  • Rose Window