Welcome to the NIH Camera Club – we are a friendly, active club – and you don’t have to be at the NIH to join! Our mission is to encourage knowledge, skills and enjoyment of photography through meetings, classes, lectures and demonstrations encompassing all phases of photography.

  • Biospecimen Inventory
  • Rose Window
  • Harbor Cables
  • Dancers At The Mall
  • Blue Poppy
  • Spring Rain
  • Spirit
  • Cowboy’s Boots
  • Making the Cut
  • Dandelion Glow
  • Fuzzy Leaf
  • Scales and More Scales
  • Jazzy Saxes
  • Angry Goose
  • Dancing Feet
  • Feet don’t fail me now
  • Action!
  • Ballet In Purple
  • Liams Backhand
  • The Fisherman
  • Welder
  • Advanced~Jim Turner~Dogwood Blossoms
  • Itchy Claw

We welcome visitors and new members to all our meetings. See our Calendar of Events for opportunities to join in and find out more about becoming a member. Please contact us with further questions.

If you are already a member you can register for access to the members only section, otherwise please see more information about becoming a member..